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Aircrete Europe supports Tarmac as key AAC machinery supplier


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Leading UK construction solutions and building materials business, Tarmac, works with Aircrete Europe as their key AAC machinery and technology supplier. Tarmac enhances manufacturing capabilities of its Durox aerated blocks by reopening the second of two existing factories at Linford, Essex, in late 2017. The project comprises the upgrade of the Autoclaved Aerated Concrete (AAC) production facility based on a flat-cake cutting technology.

Aircrete Europe, the leading player in the field of flat-cake cutting technology, will equip the plant in Linford with the latest available AAC machinery and production technology. In addition, Aircrete Europe will support the project providing both AAC technology expertise and AAC process know-how, as a recognized technology partner for AAC producers in the global industry.

Tarmac is the UK’s leading sustainable building materials and solutions provider. The company`s AAC product line Durox is a modern
construction material, whose versatility, lightweight, thermal and acoustic properties make it the ideal solution for a wide variety
of applications in all types of buildings. Durox products provide warmer, quieter and greener living spaces. All products are compliant with industry standards and come with robust detail specifications. The sizes of blocks need fewer joints and bring mortar savings of up to 22%. Durox blocks are made bigger to build faster.

We are excited to support Tarmac on this project as the key AAC technology supplier, by applying our profound industry expertise to making this project a success.

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