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Zero-waste construction sites with Aircrete Building System (ABS)

Zero-waste construction sites with Aircrete Building System (ABS)

Based on the prefab Aircrete AAC panels, ABS allows for zero-waste construction sites, as all elements on-site arrive with exact dimensions. 

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Efficient after-treatment solutions for growing demand

Efficient after-treatment solutions for growing demand

Our after-treatment solutions cover a number of white profiling options that improve AAC panel milling and sawing efficiency.

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Attractive export finance for a green investment opportunity

Attractive export finance for a green investment opportunity

Aircrete Europe can arrange and offer attractive project-related financing together with FMO, the Dutch Development Bank, insured by the

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New partnership for India

New partnership for India

Aircrete Europe and Apollo Inffratech Pvt. Ltd. entered into a strategic cooperation agreement for the Indian market for Apollo to represent Aircrete`s AAC machinery and technology solutions for AAC plants.

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Aircrete technology will be the gamechanger for the United States AAC market

Aircrete technology will be the gamechanger for the United States AAC market

Aercon engages Aircrete Europe to upgrade its old tilt-cake cutting line to the latest Aircrete flat-cake technology for panels production.

7 July, 2020 Read More
First cake is cut with remote plant commissioning: a service under new Aircrete Stay Connected. program

First cake is cut with remote plant commissioning: a service under new Aircrete Stay Connected. program

We are proud to announce the successful fully remote plant commissioning and first cake cut.

26 June, 2020 Read More
Complex upgrades made easy: A holistic approach for enhanced capacity

Complex upgrades made easy: A holistic approach for enhanced capacity

SYC ALC Co. chooses Aircrete Europe to execute a complex upgrade project for their AAC plant to enhance capacity and increase

4 May, 2020 Read More
Aircrete China: Local office to optimally capture China’s large growth potential

Aircrete China: Local office to optimally capture China’s large growth potential

Aircrete Europe has made a sound and solid entry in the world`s highest potential market by opening its own office in Shanghai, China.

20 April, 2020 Read More
A new partnership for Russia and CIS countries

A new partnership for Russia and CIS countries

Aircrete Europe and Anton Ohlert GmbH announced a cooperation agreement covering Russia and CIS countries to identify new opportunities for AAC machinery and plant

31 March, 2020 Read More

Unique Technology

Aircrete Plant Solutions

The Only Flat-Cake Panel System

Aircrete Europe is the distinct global leader in the AAC panel market. One of the most important innovations brought to the market by Aircrete is the Flat-Cake cutting technology which allows for the production of the largest variety of AAC products (including thin panels) with high dimensional accuracy and SUPER SMOOTH surfaces to minimize finishing requirements. The Aircrete brand is widely recognized for its quality and exceptional finishing and – as a result – products are sold against premium pricing.

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Our Solutions

Aircrete has the ultimate experience across all levels of the entire AAC value chain allowing to be a true technology partner for its clients. Based on our unique technology proposition, complemented by in-depth production process know-how and building application experience, we support our clients in every step of the process, whether it is a full turn-key greenfield project or just a technical consulting visit. Our vertically integrated business model allows us to truly understand your objectives and challenges and together implement solutions that make your business more successful.

Together we build your success.

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What Our Clients Say

In order to be a reliable supplier to our customers, reliability, efficiency and quality of our equipment is a core element in our strategy. For these projects we therefore engaged Aircrete Europe as the flat-cake technology specialist. In addition, their reputation of executing complex projects with limited downtime was a decisive factor as well. We are very satisfied with the end results.

Ion Secareanu - General Director, CELCO S.A., Romania

We seek investments in emerging markets that spur economic growth, create jobs and protect the environment. An Aircrete factory is a great example of a green, sustainable and attractive Dutch investment, whereby besides local job creation, Aircrete’s panel-based system is seen as a solution to the massive affordable housing deficits many countries are facing.

Arnold van Garderen - Senior Investment Officer, FMO NL Business

We engaged Aircrete Europe as we were looking for an experienced long-term technology partner that understands the process of AAC panel production.

Mike McCormick - General Manager, Aercon, USA

Aircrete Europe’s role as a partner, not just a machine supplier, was tremendously important in our upgrade project. They truly understood the challenges and objectives of us as an AAC producer and have managed to translate this very well into an innovative design and very efficient installation.

Mr. Yoo - Owner, SYC ALC, Korea

For this complex assignment, we were looking for a true technology partner, and not just an engineering firm or machine supplier. Through their in-house process know-how resulting from their involvement in their own plants in Latin America, combined with over 4 decades of engineering experience, Aircrete Europe was perfectly positioned to fulfil this role.

Stuart McQuillan - Head of Engineering, Forterra, United Kingdom

Our goal is to provide solutions to the building industry, not just panels, and to achieve that goal in our new plant, we needed to partner with solution providers who are agile in design whilst bringing proven base capability. We selected Aircrete Europe based on their proven panel technology and profound knowledge of AAC systems as well as dynamic engineering capabilities which allowed us to design making panels the way we want to make panels.

Steve Zebib - COO, CSR Hebel, Australia

Global markets are shifting towards a prefabricated construction solution. This push is very favourable for the AAC panel + steel frame building system. The super smooth flat-cake technology from Aircrete is globally recognized and best suited for AAC panel making.

Hiroaki Yanagida - Recognised Building Materials Expert, Japan

Thanks to Dutch technology, home construction in Argentina is becoming more sustainable and cost efficient for a very energy intensive industry. Given the size of the Argentine market and the dominance of traditional bricks, the growth potential for Brimax is huge.

Janet Nieboer - Head of FMO NL Business, The Netherlands

We were looking for the right partner that could assist us introducing high-quality AAC products in Argentina. From our Phase 1 assessment it turned out that AAC panels would fit in a wide variety of local building applications. As Aircrete Europe possesses both the relevant technology and process knowhow when it comes to producing AAC panels, we approached them for this project. The close cooperation between our people have been a determining factor in the success of building the plant and so far during the start-up phase.

Iván Brajcovic - Owner, Brayco, Argentina

I am very excited about the product quality that we are producing. The smooth surface of the product stands out from the rougher surface of competitive products and first feedback from our customers confirm their enthusiasm about this aspect as well.

Gabriel Pierre - CEO, Brimax, Argentina

About AAC

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Aircrete Building System

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The Aircrete Building System is a modular and complete building system from diverse AAC products, to offer a fast and efficient building solution that is customized to meet local market requirements. An AAC panel-based building system is almost completely made from prefabricated AAC elements and ensures that perfect standardization is achieved throughout the supply chain. As a result, the total cost per installed square meter is reduced significantly compared to conventional, more complex building systems. The Aircrete Building Systems is particularly used, and growing in demand, in housing development projects worldwide.

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