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In the ever-developing world of AAC production, the optimization of equipment stands out as a key factor in improving operations and product quality. This article explores the...
In response to the dynamic landscape of the building materials industry, Aircrete is continuously exploring innovative solutions to cater to diverse market needs...
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From September 2023, large-size Ytong panels with a super-smooth surface are being produced in Ostrołeka, Poland. The investment of Xella Group...
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To enhance capacity, product quality and production efficiency Holcim Romania...
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We are happy to announce the upcoming trade-shows, exhibitions and industrial events that Aircrete Europe will be participating in during the year of 2024:


Aircrete Flat Cake Best Tehnology For Aac Panels

The Only Flat-Cake Panel System

Aircrete Europe is the distinct global leader in the AAC panel market. One of the most important innovations brought to the market by Aircrete is the Flat-Cake cutting technology which allows for the production of the largest variety of AAC products (including thin panels) with high dimensional accuracy and SUPER SMOOTH surfaces to minimize finishing requirements. The Aircrete brand is widely recognized for its quality and exceptional finishing and – as a result – products are sold against premium pricing.

Our Solutions

Aircrete has the ultimate experience across all levels of the entire AAC value chain allowing to be a true technology partner for its clients. Based on our unique technology proposition, complemented by in-depth production process know-how and building application experience, we support our clients in every step of the process, whether it is a full turn-key greenfield project or just a technical consulting visit. Our vertically integrated business model allows us to truly understand your objectives and challenges and together implement solutions that make your business more successful.

Together we build your success.

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Aircrete Building System

We create solutions.

The Aircrete Building System is a modular and complete building system from diverse AAC products, to offer a fast and efficient building solution that is customized to meet local market requirements. An AAC panel-based building system is almost completely made from prefabricated AAC elements and ensures that perfect standardization is achieved throughout the supply chain. As a result, the total cost per installed square meter is reduced significantly compared to conventional, more complex building systems. The Aircrete Building Systems is particularly used, and growing in demand, in housing development projects worldwide.

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