Aircrete Plant Solutions

Phase 1 - Customized Project Design

Aircrete Phase I Book

Every Aircrete project starts with a customized engineering phase to develop the optimal balance between technology, local process factors and investment expectations.

During this phase, we heavily focus on local process factors such as local building market, raw material testing, optimal products/formula portfolio, location scenarios, plant infrastructure and performance characteristics.

Raw Materials Analysis &Amp; Formula Design

I. Raw Materials Analysis & Formula Design

Before the plant construction, local raw materials (sand, cement, gypsum and lime) are shipped to Europe for suitability analysis in the Aircrete laboratories. Sample castings can be prepared to determine the potential quality of products when produced locally.

Based on the prices and quality of local raw materials, customized product formulas are prepared.

Equipment Scope Design

II. Equipment Scope Design

Together with the investor, the optimal balance between Aircrete equipment and locally purchased equipment is determined. Aircrete has a flexible approach regarding machine sourcing.

Engineering Of A Plant Layout

III. Engineering of a Plant Layout

Depending on investors’ requirements, different machines are selected and planned into a plant layout. Plant logistics are optimized and detailed analysis of the daily capacity, product portfolio, level of automation and extension schedule are planned. In order to optimally determine the product portfolio of a plant, detailed analysis of local building applications and discussions with local builders and developers are executed.

Aircrete Investment Analysis

IV. Aircrete Investment Analysis

We support the business case preparation including the total project capital requirements (equipment, infrastructure, installation, transport, inventory, working capital and more).

Aircrete analysis goes beyond equipment budget as we carefully look at all required funds for starting production in a turn-key plant. A detailed investment overview from a technology supplier based on industry know-how is a strong argument in obtaining project finance or attracting new investors.

Aircrete Financial Plant Performance

V. Aircrete Financial Plant Performance

Aircrete provides a comprehensive financial performance model for your AAC plant. Based on local market inputs and technology characteristics, the production cost of 1m3 is calculated. Before building the plant, investors have a detailed projection of future financial plant performance. Production indicators and sample financial statements are generated during this stage.

Phase 2 - Project Execution

Autoclave Transport

During project execution, we emphasize project management, equipment supply, logistics and complete installation. Aircrete supports its customers in achieving an optimal balance between equipment that could be manufactured locally and equipment that shall be manufactured by Aircrete in the Netherlands. This flexible international production approach enables our customers to benefit from potential local competitive advantages in production, resulting in optimal project investment. During the entire project, highly qualified Aircrete technicians and engineers take care of the project management, planning, logistics and installation supervision.

Phase 3 - Project Commissioning

Project Commissioning

During project commissioning, we give careful attention to the production start-up of the plant and complete know-how transfer to the local staff. In the course of this test production period, Aircrete supervisors monitor the production process and optimize the process variables.

In the meanwhile, the local operational staff receives intensive training programs on different production disciplines. At the end of this period, the local team is ready, authorized for operation and the new Aircrete plant can now start production.

Phase 4 - Service & Operational Support

After Care And Maintenance

Starting-up a plant requires significant know-how and skills. Aircrete provides additional expert services in the fields of plant management, plant logistics, process technology, and other specific plant consultancy.

With the profound experience and professional network of our experts, we offer support to our customers for a longer period with specific operational support on site. Furthermore, we provide full maintenance support as in technical site service and delivery of spare parts.

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