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Aircrete Plant Solutions

Aircrete Europe will guide you through all the steps of planning, building and operating your Autoclaved Aerated Concrete plant as your long-term technology partner. High level of customization is a key performance indicator when it comes to meeting local market needs, client requirements and product demand. Our unique AAC plant technology enables you to distinguish in your market, offering specific and innovative Aircrete products for your end consumers that meet local market demand.

Over the years we have developed a full-scale “Build-to-Suit” AAC plant solution. Combining our experience and customer focus, our engineers carefully develop your specific plant design which allows for the versatile production of high-variety quality reinforced panels and traditional blocks in the most efficient manner. Our customized approach results in transparent investment expectations and an optimal AAC plant infrastructure for your specific location.

Plant Solution Development Phases


Consulting And Expertise

Aircrete Europe offers an advanced level of consulting services for existing AAC plants as well as greenfield projects. We recognize that knowledge-transfer has a crucial impact on the overall plant’s output.

Our expertise comes from over 45 years of experience in AAC plants and markets worldwide, our strong client base and from operating our own AAC plants. We know how to set up a shift programme, what it means to have a power outage, or how to deal with staffing issues. Our high level of operational and financial involvement in existing plants creates the committed alignment that an AAC plant is looking for.

As an AAC plant manager, if you already looking for ways to improve performance and product quality, our engineers will review and carry out a plant scan to evaluate the quality of the factory, bottlenecks, and potential revision areas.

Consulting And Expertise

Our experienced and highly qualified project engineers have a profound expertise in:

  • Technical advisory & process technology
  • Product chemistry & formula design
  • Investment feasibility & cost analysis
  • Production & logistics management
  • Market development & product applications
  • Aircrete Building System & modular housing designs

If you are looking for additional knowledge-transfer and consulting on the above areas to improve your AAC plant performance, please contact our representatives to see how we can support you.


After Care And Maintenance

Aircrete Europe`s qualified teams with years of hands-on experience in AAC plants, provide all the necessary services to protect and maintain your investment successfully. Our aftercare and maintenance services help you to increase administrative and technical capacities for improved operational performance in areas such as:

  • Better product quality
  • Minimized operating costs
  • Optimized production output
  • Safety enhancements
After Care And Maintenance

Our expert engineers and technicians are here to serve you with:

  • After-sales staff training
  • Technical field support
  • Maintenance and repair activities
  • Spare parts and consumables
  • Interim production support

All these regular maintenance and emergency service assignments are aimed at the continuous production of high-quality products. We confidently can solve any problem that you encounter on production and have your plant up-and-running in the shortest possible time. Contact our team to get more information on how we can support you.


Aac Plant Refurbishment

Aircrete Europe provides customized upgrade packages for all AAC factories. We specialize in modernizing AAC plants from different technologies such as Hebel, Siporex, Ytong, Durox, Stema, and other tilt-cake systems by applying the latest AAC industry equipment and innovations.

Overall plant performance improvement is an essential component to increase profitability. It covers the areas to maximize facility performance, productivity, energy and time savings. Our experienced engineers have a long track record in delivering “Build-to-Suit” solutions to improve the operational efficiency, product quality and automated control of outdated plants. We analyze and identify the problem areas and implement cost-effective solutions.

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