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Aircrete Europe | Leading AAC Production Technology

Our HQ Office in Oldenzaal

Who We Are

With decades of experience and sales in over 100 different AAC plants in 50 countries on 6 different continents, Aircrete Europe is the recognized global leading developer and manufacturer of Autoclaved Aerated Concrete (AAC) machinery and technology for the production of AAC panels and blocks.

We design and deliver the most innovative turn-key AAC plants and cutting-edge plant technology around the world. Being the long-term, exclusive project partner for our customers, we guide you through all the steps of planning, building and operating your AAC factory. We are a full technology partner, not just a machine supplier, resulting in maximum value creation for our customers. Together we build your success!

Our corporate headquarters, operations and the manufacturing sites are located in Oldenzaal (the Netherlands) with sales representatives in the Americas, Middle East and South-East Asia.

Our organization constantly invests in innovation and process technology to optimize AAC production technology and product quality. A dedicated team of production managers, mechanics, operators, chemists, mechanical, electrical & software engineers as well as business developers is ready to share their in-depth expertise covering the entire AAC value chain. As a result, the Aircrete brand is globally recognized for quality and reliability.

In addition to building turn-key plants, we have a profound experience with upgrading and refurbishing many different plant technologies such as Hebel, Stema, Siporex, Durox, Ytong, other Tilt-Cake versions and other systems.

Aircrete Europe has a unique position in the industry by operating its own AAC plants. This operational and financial involvement creates the alignment of interest our customers are looking for, particularly in the ramp-up phase of a new factory.

Our customer base consists of a diverse client base ranging from globally operating blue-chip building materials producers to local family-owned AAC producers.

Since 2013 the company is a member of the Aircrete Group N.V. The group is focusing on fully integrated business solutions and investment opportunities related to the Autoclaved Aerated Concrete industry in selective high growth markets.

Where We Come From

Mr. Willem Van Boggelen

Mr. Willem Van Boggelen

Aircrete Europe was founded in 2002 by Eng. Mr. Willem van Boggelen, who started in the industry almost 50 years ago as a with a solid technical background including a degree in Mechanical Engineering and Fluid Mechanics. Anticipating the shift towards panels, away from blocks, Mr. Van Boggelen saw the potential to bring back and strongly innovate the AAC flat-cake technology, to serve the “abandoned” Durox, Siporex and Hebel plants and further grow AAC panel applications.

Today, Aircrete Europe is the only global vertically integrated company with decades of tradition and expertise in developing AAC production technology and building applications for panels as well as blocks. Based on flat-cake technology and supported by vertically-integrated approach resulting from its involvement in own plants, Aircrete Europe has positioned itself as the most experienced production technology player for panels in the world, with strong operational know-how and capabilities.

Although the founding father of Aircrete, Mr. Willem van Boggelen passed away on 12 May 2021, Mr. Willem van Boggelen is very well-respected within the global AAC industry. He is considered a leader and an expert in the field of AAC and a visionary for panel technology and panel-based building solutions. His status is confirmed by many publications, consulting evaluations and speeches at international technical conferences on concrete and AAC production technology (see in downloads).

History of Aircrete

  1. Axel Eriksson “discovers” and patents AAC

  2. Founding of Yxhult (later Ytong) by Karl August Carlen

  3. Founding of Durox by Carlsro Kalkbruk

  4. Founding of Siporit (later Siporex)

  5. Founding of Hebel by Jozef Hebel

  6. (Loevestein family) acquires Durox

  7. Readymix Group acquires Durox Gasbeton

  8. Plena Group (Mr. Sjogorg) acquires Ytong

  9. Klebaver & STORK become the “plant builder” for Durox Gasbeton

  10. Readymix Group acquires Ytong from Plena Group

  11. Readymix Group rebrands Ytong & Durox into Ytong

  12. Fels-Kalk Werke acquires Hebel

  13. Founding of Aircrete Europe by W. van Boggelen together with Klebaver Engineering

  14. Haniel Bau acquires Ytong from RMC and also Fels-Kalk & Hebel

  15. Haniel Bau consolidates its activities under the Xella brand

  16. Van Boggelen family takes full ownership of Aircrete, further innovating the Durox panel technology

  17. Xella is sold to
    PAI Partners & Goldman Sachs

  18. Strong development phase of Aircrete Europe, focusing on a unique vertical integration strategy

  19. Aircrete Europe is the leading panel technology player with a unique vertically integrated position of own plant investments and services

Our Core Values



Aircrete seeks to continuously exceed its customers’ expectations by providing the best-in-class customized building systems and technology guidance for the global AAC industry. We support our customers by closely following the latest construction trends in the global markets.

Through continuous investment in innovation and project technology and long-term partnerships with international architects, building authorities and civil engineers we optimize the AAC production process and product quality, enabling our customers to enjoy the competitive advantages of cutting-edge technology and high-quality building solutions.

Board of Directors


Join our international team!

Aircrete Europe is always searching for talented candidates to join our international team.

With most positions based in Oldenzaal near Enschede, in the Netherlands, we have a dynamic and an international team with 18 nationalities where English is the main working language.

Please send us your resume/CV as well as your motivation letter to become a part of our dynamic team.


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