Aicrete Europe

Aircrete exhibits at trade fairs again

September, 2021

Now that lockdown restrictions have eased in many regions, we will take part in exhibitions in Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan and Russia until the end of this year.

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Green Construction with AAC Prefab Products

August, 2021

AAC technology has developed over the last years and brings green and durable living closer to all of us. Energy-saving buildings are now more than a trend across many countries.

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Flexible and fully automated reinforcement configuration for AAC panel production

July, 2021

Fully automated reinforcement area is the front side of Aircrete Flat-Cake production line, an integral part of our AAC panel factory solution.

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Advantages of a panel based building system – The Aircrete Building System

June, 2021

The Aircrete Building System is a well-organized system that boasts multiple advantages over traditional construction ways.

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