Aicrete Europe

Flexible and fully automated reinforcement configuration for AAC panel production

July, 2021

Fully automated reinforcement area is the front side of Aircrete Flat-Cake production line, an integral part of our AAC panel factory solution.

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Advantages of a panel based building system – The Aircrete Building System

June, 2021

The Aircrete Building System is a well-organized system that boasts multiple advantages over traditional construction ways.

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A great AAC expert is no longer amongst us

May, 2021

It is with great sadness that Mr. Willem van Boggelen, the founding father of Aircrete, passed away on 12 May 2021. Willem has dedicated his entire life to the world of AAC.

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Expanding footprint in China with a new panel plant

April, 2021

With a new AAC panel plant in China, we have realized yet another project in the world’s largest AAC market. Luoyang Evergreen Building Technology Co. Ltd. engaged Aircrete

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