Aircrete Europe – Your AAC Technology Partner

Get to know our company and learn more about the wide variety of our technical solutions and services.

Aircrete Plant Scan – Sharing Global Best Practices

Aircrete Plant Scan allows your plant to benefit from the latest innovations and best practices observed by Aircrete Europe around the world.

Aircrete Phase 1 – Custom AAC Project Design

Phase 1 is a customized project design to achieve the optimal balance between technology, local factors and investment expectations. As a technology partner Aircrete Europe assists investors in preparing a financial and technical foundation for the modern AAC project.


Aircrete Super Smooth Cutting Line

The unique Flat-Cake cutting technology offered by Aircrete Europe. It is the only flat cake technology with years of proven experience and specialized in blocks and panels production.

Aircrete AAC Production Process

See how Autoclaved Aerated Concrete is made, illustrated in one nice graphic.


Aircrete Products and Applications

Various applications of AAC elements made in one Aircrete factory

What is Autoclaved Aerated Concrete (AAC)?

Autoclaved Aerated Concrete, also known as AAC or aircrete, is a green precast building material present in the global market for over 70 years. Produced in hundreds plants around the world, AAC is extensively used in residential, commercial and industrial construction.

Aircrete Product Portfolio

Our great variety of Autoclaved Aerated Concrete (AAC) Products.

Industrial Panels

Aircrete Industrial Panels are a perfect solution to construct large scale commercial and industrial buildings.

Partition Panels

Aircrete Partition Panels are a superior building solution for all internal applications such as separation walls, corridors or storage rooms in residential and commercial constructions.

Cladding Panels

Aircrete Cladding Panels are unique AAC products for façade applications. The product is extremely light and can be as thin as 35mm; it is suitable to be directly applied on the exterior of any building.

Floor and Roof Panels

Aircrete prefab Floor and Roof Panels are load-bearing reinforced products used in social and commercial construction.


Aircrete Lintels are special load-bearing reinforced products. They serve as beams to support the weight of the wall (live, dead and wind) over window or door openings.


Aircrete Blocks are a universal building product. They can be produced with either sand or fly-ash as a raw material input and are manufactured in different shapes and sizes, depending on your local market.


“New automatic unloading line for AAC blocks for Bauroc in Latvia”

New unloading line increases the overall plant capacity and introduces automated unloading, separation, sorting and re-configuration of the products. 

“New technology puts Aercon USA at pole position to benefit from green prefab construction boom”

Building with AAC panels provides an integrated solution to address today’s challenges as construction market in the USA demands faster process, less labor requirement and waste decrease.

“BIM integrated in AAC project management services”

Aircrete Europe incorporates Building Information Modeling (BIM) to optimize its solutions and enhance the success of the projects. 

“Xella engages Aircrete Europe to implement large quality and reliability improvement project in the Netherlands”

Aircrete Europe upgraded a cutting line for Xella Vuren with Aircrete Cross Cutter, increasing the product quality, reducing wire breakage and minimizing energy consumption.

“Innovative AAC plant in China sets new standards for panel production”

With the recent launch of yet another project in China, Aircrete Europe and Aircrete China have proudly completed their first AAC plant project for Zhejiang Yuanzhu Housing Industrialization Co. Ltd. (Yuanzhu). 

“Invest International enables export finance for Aircrete Europe”

Invest International, the Dutch development and finance facility, is providing an EUR 15.4 million loan to support the export of sustainable block and panel production technology from the Dutch firm Aircrete Europe. 

“Welcoming new members and introducing new brochure”

This article as appeared on AAC Woldwide magazine, welcomes Aircrete Europe`s membership to the association.

“Digitalization in AAC plants with Aircrete In Control 4.0 Solution”

Our – inhouse developed – integrated plant control solution, called “Aircrete In Control 4.0” can make any plant benefit from the latest developments and stay ahead with minimal maintenance cost and risk towards the future. 

“Kovalska engages Aircrete Europe to set up the most modern AAC plant in East Europe”

In the summer of 2021, Aircrete Europe was engaged to be the full technology partner and machinery provider for a new and modern Autoclaved Aerated Concrete (AAC) plant that will be created by the Kovalska Industrial and Construction Group in Rozvadiv, Ukraine.

“Flexible and fully automated reinforcement configuration for AAC panel production”

The fully automated reinforcement area is the front side of Aircrete Flat-Cake production line, which is an integral part of our AAC panel factory solution. The article covers in detail how our fully automated reinforcement solution can bring your AAC panel production operations to the next level. 

“A great AAC expert is no longer amongst us”

Mr. Willem van Boggelen, the founding father of Aircrete Europe, passed away on 12 May 2021 at the age of 70. It is extremely sad and very hard to accept that Willem has left us way too young. 

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