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Advantages of a panel based building system – The Aircrete Building System


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The Aircrete Building System is a well-organized system that boasts multiple advantages over traditional ways of construction. Depending on the local climate zone and the seismic activity, any type of buildings using AAC panels can be built (using AAC panels exclusively, buildings up to 4-5 stories can be built). Applying this prefab system, AAC producers actually work together with their end customers to simplify construction processes on-site. According to pre-approved plans, almost all building materials come from one source, namely an Aircrete factory. Installation time and efforts are significantly reduced as a result of large-sized AAC panels arriving on-site prefabricated, they are easily installed and they do not need to be cut on-site.

This labour-efficient and waste-free workability allow to speed up the whole project and minimize manpower expenses. The simple interior and exterior finish offered by the Aircrete Building System is crucial for fast and effective construction, compared to time-consuming stuccoing and bricklaying. The Super Smooth surfaces on the panels enable a fast and economic finishing. The joints between the panels are skimmed with a special gypsum-rich mortar to make a smooth integration with the surface. Super Smooth surface requires minimal finishing on-site, thus allowing for significant savings because the need for expensive plastering is eliminated.

Aircrete Building System Aac Elements

The one-stop-shop concept of the Aircrete Building System simplifies purchasing and transportation processes on the construction site


The Aircrete Building System benefits the local building contractors, however, the most significant benefit of this building system is the reduction of the total cost of ownership for the homeowners. Additionally, the valuable advantage of building with AAC is the lightweight of the complete building that positively affects the foundation works. Constructing with AAC panels also improves thermal homogeneity of the building contributing to better microclimate and comfort inside living and working spaces.

Thanks to the large flexibility of Aircrete production processes, AAC panels can always be made according to customer-specific wishes when a standardized building does not apply. The unique Aircrete Cutting Technology, for example, allows making panels as thin as 35mm and as long as 8m with customized profiles which significantly improves the range of AAC application. The Aircrete Building System components have a density ranging from 300kg/m3 to 800kg/m3 which allows achieving substantial compressive strength of up 10MPa which is required for load-bearing structures.

As importantly, this prefab modular system can easily be combined with other building materials, such as concrete slabs, blocks, bricks and metal beams. This gives room for design creativity and more load-bearing capacity to AAC buildings. Increasingly, AAC after-treatment lines are being incorporated in the new and existing AAC factories in order to cater for diverse customer wishes. The after-treatment line also plays an important role in the Aircrete Building System concept as it allows to saw the dimensions of the AAC panels (e.g. cladding panels) in accordance with the specific architectural design. The same line allows to mill out the required surfaces for the “rising star” of the AAC market – thin AAC façade boards. Not surprisingly, AAC as decoration material is an increasingly growing trend globally.

4 Story Apartment Design With Aircrete Building System

Affordable Housing Project Design With Aircrete Building System

Affordable housing project drawings using the Aircrete Building System


Overall, modular-type construction with AAC panels using the Aircrete Building System significantly reduces overall building time as well as saving the finishing and general building costs considerably. A small number of tools, one crane, a couple of crew and the building can be constructed turn-key using Aircrete Building System. Assembly is easily done using a light-weight crane and, in the case of partitions, with the help of a panel lifting car. Standard thin bed mortar (or glue) is used to connect the panels together. Substituting labour intensive AAC block masonry with complete prefab housing solutions from panels is the next step towards more efficient construction. It is an ideal solution globally since it provides a solution for the fast building requirements at a competitive construction cost. More information on tools, materials, mortar types, clamps and cranes that are required to build with the Aircrete Building System can be found on our recent AAC Installation Manual.

The Unique Industry Approach of Aircrete Europe

As well as helping to technically prepare and supply machinery for AAC plants, we apply a unique industry approach and support the future AAC producers in customizing their plants to manufacture a full scope of prefab elements for integrated building solutions. We support the direct market development of new Aircrete plants by offering total housing solutions, based on Aircrete Building System. In such a way, we are able to help investors understand and satisfy the needs of building contractors and property owners who are looking for more efficient ways of building.

Aircrete Europe designs total housing solutions and converts existing construction designs into an integrated building system for residential, commercial and industrial sectors. When choosing the panel dimensions and portfolio of products for future application of the Aircrete Building System, we carefully study the required building design and local factors, such as climate, norms and regulations. This leads to the optimal analysis of cutting sizes in order to minimize waste levels in the production process and optimize the throughput of products. Our customized approach strongly affects the production cost, resulting in more competitive construction costs for the end customer.

Flowchart For Aircrete Building System Process

The process flowchart for Aircrete Building System


Initial Housing Design

Initial housing design

House With Aac Elements

Housing design built with AAC elements

Ready Built House With Aac

Finished house


The Aircrete Building System is fully supported by Aircrete Europe production engineering solutions, meaning that every plant with Aircrete Europe technology can manufacture the complete range of the AAC elements needed to assemble the designed building. Aircrete Super Smooth technology is the only available technology in the world market that allows the production of reinforced panels and blocks with a Super Smooth surface. Fast, green and cost-effective construction using prefab Aircrete Building System is the next step towards market expansion. Beyond the existing AAC blocks commodity market, there is a worldwide growing demand for integrated panel-based building solutions.

Download your free AAC Installation Manual

The purpose of this manual is to serve as a reference to builders, contractors and those seeking experience in how to build with AAC and the Aircrete Building System. This step-by-step guide includes tools, materials, mortar types, installation time, finishing works and samples after installation. Click here to download your free copy of the AAC Installation Manual. 

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