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Nova Kakhovka, Ukraine – “Producer of the year” award for an Aircrete Plant


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A plant designed and constructed by Aircrete Europe has been awarded the title of “Best producer of the year 2011” in Ukraine. “Energy Product” plant in Nova Kakhovka is the biggest AAC plant in Ukraine and entire Eastern Europe, with a yearly output of 400.000 m3.

AAC products are manufactured with the latest technology of Aircrete Europe, “the world’s leading technology provider from the Netherlands” as referred to by the CEO of the “Energy Product”. The reliability and quality of the plant were acknowledged by the Ukrainian national authorities who awarded it with “Building materials producers of the year 2011” title. With that certificate, Nova Kakhovka plant gained the right to label their products as “Star Quality”.

New Kakhovka Aircrete Plant Award Small 100Tovarov2011

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In 2011 the AAC products of the “Energy Product” plant have also been awarded “Best Domestic Product of 2010” title. The authorities recognized the quality of the product and the fact that the output is also exported to markets of Moldova, Romania, and Russia.

About “Energy Product” – Nova Kakhovka, Ukraine

This particular Aircrete plant is an example of a turn-key project where the complete design, construction and installation were carried out by the Aircrete Europe’s team. The result was a “Build to Suit” design that exceeded investor’s expectations and created a new quality benchmark in the Eastern European AAC market.

The Aircrete System used in the plant is reliable, accurate, and allows for the production of a wide portfolio of products (blocks and panels). The SUPER SMOOTH cutting line gives the smooth surface finish to the products.

Nova Kakhovka Plant Ukraine With Aircrete Technology

More information about “Energy Product” can be found on the company’s website.

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