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Aircrete And Mfl Partnership

Joining forces to offer a larger product portfolio and an advanced building solution

January, 2021

Aircrete Europe and Maschinenfabrik Liezen Faserzementanlagen GesmbH, also known as MFL Fibre Cement, have entered into a strategic cooperation to jointly address the global market for advanced building solutions. With Aircrete Europe as the global leader in Autoclaved Aerated Concrete (AAC) panel technology and MFL Fibre Cement as the globally recognized supplier of fibre cement technology, this partnership allows both parties to offer a comprehensive solution in the lightweight prefab building industry. The cooperation is an answer to the increasing demand from customers worldwide that want to offer a diversified, panel-based and lightweight building solution to their local markets.

AAC and fibre cement both are lightweight, panel-based building material and also share similarities with respect to raw materials and the production process. Both AAC and fibre cement rely on silica sand and cement as important sources of raw materials and in the production process autoclaves are required for the formation of the tobermorite crystal to provide the structural properties to the materials.

With these similarities on the production process side, owners of AAC and fibre cement factories can enjoy production efficiencies and at the same time offer an alternative or complementary lightweight panel product to existing customers. For residential applications, for example, AAC is very suitable for structural and interior wall applications whereas fibre cement has great decorative and aesthetic characteristics. In addition, both companies have already initiated an R&D project to develop an integrated AAC/fibre cement wall product, whereby the insulation and sustainable properties of AAC are combined with the decorative and aesthetic characteristics of a fibre cement panel, thereby offering a fully-integrated wall concept from one single source!

With MFL Fibre Cement’s committed and professional team operating from several locations in Austria, we look forward to growing the business of lightweight building materials globally together through this new partnership. Please reach us via for more information.

About MFL Fibre Cement

Maschinenfabrik Liezen Faserzementanlagen GesmbH located in St. Pölten / Austria ranks among the global market leaders concerning planning, engineering, and manufacturing of fibre cement plants as well as individual units to produce fibre cement products. MFL Fibre Cement is a globally reliable business partner covering all project stages including consulting and service. MFL’s high-end plants and stand-alone machines produce asbestos-free fibre cement products that are perfectly adapted to exactly fulfil all individual customer requirements. Well-experienced specialists carry out projecting and engineering as well as complete manufacturing and assembly including service & support, and all this provided in close co-operation with their clients and from a single point of supply.

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