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New partnership for India

September, 2020

Aircrete Europe and Apollo Inffratech Pvt. Ltd. (Apollo) entered into a strategic cooperation agreement for the Indian market for Apollo to represent Aircrete`s AAC machinery and technology solutions for AAC plants for the Indian market. The two companies will collaborate on the increasing demand for AAC panel production plants in terms of new project sales and strategic local sourcing of equipment made in India.

The partnership is a reaction on a rise in demand in India for building solutions that are based on panels, rather than just blocks, following the global trend of the increasing use of prefabricated elements in construction projects.

The concept of environment-friendly buildings, or green buildings as they are popularly known, is on high-demand in India. While the green building movement has been around globally since the 1970s, it has gained momentum in India only in the last couple of years and green buildings are increasing their footprint steadily. Therefore, there is a great potential for AAC panels which can adequately satisfy social, commercial and industrial sectors’ needs for fast, flexible and cost-effective AAC building system for India.

With a committed and professional team in India, we look forward to growing our presence in the Indian market. Please reach us via for more information.

About Apollo Inffratech Pvt. Ltd.

Apollo is one of India’s premier infrastructure backbone companies providing international standards and global technological breakthroughs to the Indian infrastructure companies. The company’s adherence to quality and capabilities for global competency is clearly reflected in its supreme products. Blending quality, innovation and technology, Apollo offers world-class products and services that encompass extensive market needs and thus, is positioned as a leader in the market inspiring new trends and techniques. Apollo has state-of-the-art facilities spread across 40,000 m2 located at Ahmedabad – Mehsana highway Gujarat with fully functional R&D facilities to deliver innovatively designed, high-quality products.

Manufacturing premises of Apollo in Ahmedabad, India


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