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Aircrete PHASE 1 = KEY TO YOUR SUCCESS. Customized Financial & Technical Business Plan


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A key to a successful AAC project is the right preparation. As a technology partner, Aircrete Europe understands the investors’ requirements and assists them with gathering crucial information before starting the project. This pre-project documentation can be considered as a technical and financial business plan. Local factors combined with years of our industry experience result in a customized project planning perfectly suited to the specific AAC plant. This unique approach in the AAC industry provides a solid technical and financial foundation for setting up a successful AAC plant.

Every Aircrete project starts with a PHASE 1 – a customized engineering scope to develop the optimal balance between technology, local factors and investment expectations. Investors’ requirements are a starting point for the analysis. Strong focus is placed on the investment performance of the AAC plant.

Main activities performed by Aircrete in PHASE 1 of your project:

  • Raw Materials Analysis & Formula Design

Before the plant construction, Aircrete advises the investor on requirements for raw materials quality available locally. Local sand, cement, gypsum and lime are shipped to Aircrete laboratory and sample castings are prepared to determine the potential quality of products when producing locally. Based on prices and quality of local raw materials, customized product formulas are prepared.

  • Customized Engineering of a Plant Layout

Depending on investors’ requirements different machines are selected and planned into a layout. Plant logistics are optimized accordingly. Detailed analysis of the product portfolio, daily capacity, level of automation, upgrade schedule are performed to achieve the optimal design and business model.

  • Equipment Scope Design

Once the plant design and layout have been engineered, Aircrete advises on sourcing of the equipment. Together with the investor, the optimal balance between Aircrete equipment and local equipment is achieved. Being a technology partner, Aircrete is able to have a flexible approach regarding machine sourcing. If investment savings can be achieved with local supply, Aircrete will support the investor with technical information and know-how and local vendor evaluation.

  • Aircrete Investment Analysis

Once the scope of equipment is defined, a complete investment budget is prepared. With Aircrete in-house expertise on finance and investment analysis, we are suited to support your project preparation. Our Aircrete analysis goes beyond equipment budget and installation estimates. We carefully look at all required funds for infrastructure development, transport, working capital, administrative cost and many other aspects influencing the total project capital requirements. Aircrete points out all the costs an investor needs to take into account before starting-up a turn-key plant.

  • Aircrete Financial Plant Performance

In addition to the detailed investment analysis, Aircrete provides investors with an enhanced financial performance model for their AAC plant. Specific plant performance indicators, balance sheets, income statements and financial ratios are generated based on local and market-specific inputs.

As a result, a reliable financial performance model provides a clear investment summary elaborating on your AAC plant profitability, payback period, ROI, IRR, cost distributions, consumptions and other key operational values. Before starting the plant,  you as an investor, will already have a detailed projection of your future plant performance.

  • Aircrete Building Solutions

Furthermore, PHASE 1 supports investors with an integrated building solution (Aircrete Housing Kit) based on autoclaved aerated concrete panels. Aircrete supports the direct market development of new Aircrete plants through innovative building systems. We design total housing solutions and convert existing development projects into an integrated building system. (Residential buildings, commercial buildings, social housing, shopping centres etc.) The dimensions of pre-fab Aircrete panels are optimized to the product portfolio of your AAC plant.

Producing a complete AAC solution is the next step towards your market expansion. Beyond the existing AAC commodity market there is a worldwide demand for integrated building solutions.


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