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Thin panel applications and the required production technology & know-how


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Global construction markets require faster and more cost-effective building solutions today in order to meet increased labour cost and environmental challenges. This trend is a driver of continuous innovation of more sustainable and efficient building solutions. As the global leader in panel technology, Aircrete Europe is deeply involved in designing and optimizing AAC panel factories in order to meet market demand.

A perfect example of an upcoming and innovative building system is the AAC cladding system, which are prefab thin AAC panels combined with a steel or wood structure. The lightweight AAC elements provide a strong layer of protection, including thermal insulation, fire protection, sound acoustics and weather resistance. In addition, with after-treatment equipment, the panels can be patterned and coated before going to the construction site. As a result, AAC cladding systems have become a building system of choice in many regions globally already, and are considered a rising star in many others.

In order to sustainably produce thin AAC elements, it is critical to use the right technology and possess the relevant process know-how. Aircrete Europe’s Flat Cake Cutting Technology is the only technology available today that provides the option of sustainably cutting elements thinner than 75mm and produce panels with a SuperSmooth surface. In addition, through Aircrete’s deep involvement in AAC production, Aircrete Europe is not only able to offer the right technology, but also able to offer the relevant process know-how and support to ensure efficient and high-quality AAC panel (and block) production.

For the full article about the potential of thin panels, the technology, equipment and process know-how behind it, please refer to the article published in AAC Worldwide, Vol. 4, 2019 “Thin panel applications and the required production technology & know-how”

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