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Last month Aircrete Europe added two new videos to the Aircrete Europe YouTube channel: The “AAC Production Process” of the Aircrete Mexico plant and the “Aircrete Building System”. We are proud to present these two videos to you.




The “AAC Production Process” video shows the production process in the Aircrete Mexico plant, the largest AAC plant of Latin America. This video shows all the steps of the production of Autoclaved Aerated Concrete: from the raw materials, the mixing process, casting of the moulds, the Aircrete Cutting Technology, steam curing process, the unloading area and packing the pallets with finished products; ready to be used in the Aircrete Building System.


For more information about the production of AAC, visit our production process webpage or view the Aircrete Mexico gallery.




The “Aircrete Building System” video shows the installation of AAC wall and floor panels of a single family house on a construction site in the Netherlands. The installation of all the AAC panels is done in less than two days. The panels are installed by one installation crew, consisting of four people. See how fast and easy building with AAC is and learn how you can reduce your installation time on-site. For more information about this great building material, please take a look at the Aircrete Building System webpage, and our photo gallery.



For more videos about the production processes of other AAC plants delivered by Aircrete Europe, or videos on how to install Partition Panels and Reinforced Wall Panels, please visit our YouTube channel.


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