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Aircrete Plant Scan For Performance Improvement Efficiency

Aircrete Plant Scan – Achieve top quality and best AAC production efficiency

June, 2016

As a producer of AAC, if  you are constantly looking to improve your product quality, minimize your operating costs, optimize your production output and enhance your safety, Aircrete Plant Scan is the correct solution. Based on our work in over 100 AAC factories worldwide, we help you gain valuable insights on your plant’s performance and potential improvement areas by performing a plant scan of your AAC Plant.

What is Aircrete Plant Scan?

Aircrete Plant Scan consists of a one-day visit to your AAC plant by two Aircrete specialists and includes interviews with the plant management and production staff as well as a plant inspection tour. We will discuss all the ins and outs of operating the plant and share our AAC knowledge with your team. Aircrete Plant Scan results in a brief report with key insights and recommendations for the optimization of your results.

Aircrete Plant Scan Infographic Scaled

Why Aircrete Plant Scan?

We have over 40 years of industry experience and has worked with all the major AAC systems globally available such as DUROX, SIPOREX, HEBEL, STEMA, Y-TONG and other tilt-cake technologies. Aircete Plant Scan offers you a quick and affordable way to benefit from the best practices and latest innovations observed by Aircrete in its global work for the AAC industry.

For more information, download our Aircrete Plant Scan brochure here.

Apply for Aircrete Plant Scan now?

You can contact our company to discuss all the options for an Aircrete Plant Scan for your AAC plant:

Phone: +31 (0)541 571020