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Aircrete Mexico – New AAC plant in Latin America


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We are proud to announce that a new AAC plant near Mexico City was delivered as a turn-key project by Aircrete Europe. The new plant for Aircrete Mexico is a result of an international strategic venture of Mexican partners and Aircrete Group NV. The goal of the new company is to introduce modern Autoclaved Aerated Concrete (AAC) building systems to the Latin American market.

Commissioned in November 2015, the 1,000m3/day blocks and panels plant is equipped with the latest Aircrete Super Smooth Flat-Cake technology, our horizontal cutting system specialized in AAC panel production.

Aircrete Mexico Plant

Project History

Aircrete Europe delivered the project as a turn-key supplier, supporting the Mexican partner on every step of the project, from plant engineering and machine design to equipment delivery, installation and commissioning. Detailed planning during the project preparatory phase, PHASE 1, and a coordinated execution during the construction phase resulted in on-time project delivery within the calculated budget. Read more about PHASE 1.

Aircrete Technology Partnership – More Than a turn-key Delivery

With the current 8 autoclaves, the capacity is conservatively calculated at 1,000m3 of reinforced panel production or 1,200m3 of blocks. The engineered layout of the Aircrete Mexico plant is designed for flexible capacity upgrade to 1,500m3 a day. Since the products are cut and autoclaved in a flat/horizontal position, the openings between the products are created eliminating sticking problems known from the tilt-cake systems. No separating nor green cake tilting machines are used in Aircrete plants which eliminate risks of product damage. Read more about our technology.

Using the Aircrete technology, the Mexican plant became a member of the Aircrete network – a platform where plant teams can share their knowledge in areas of procurement, production and new products application, leveraging on long-term worldwide experiences.


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Unique Product Portfolio – One-Stop-Shop

The Aircrete Mexico plant will produce a wide product portfolio beyond regular blocks and includes reinforced products: partition walls, industrial walls, roofs, floors, lintels and cladding/façade panels. Available product densities range from light 300kg/m3 for green and high insulation applications to 800 kg/m3 for sound insulating options. All products will be made in the SUPER SMOOTH surface standard. Read more about our product portfolio.


Aircrete Mexico is set out to contribute to improvements in construction methods in Mexico. The wide range of products offered will open new market opportunities including a modular construction concept that uses reinforced prefabricated AAC panels- the Aircrete Building System.

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