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Aircrete Europe becomes a member of EAACA

Aircrete Europe becomes a member of EAACA


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We have recently become a member of the European Autoclaved Aerated Concrete Association (EAACA). Founded in 1988, EAACA has become the voice of the AAC industry at the European level, shaping the regulatory environment and promoting the growing market opportunity for AAC.

The association actively promotes the benefits of AAC as the building material for affordable, sustainable and highly-energy efficient buildings. Additionally, EAACA is represented vis-à-vis policy makers, stakeholders and technical platforms on the EU level.

Becoming a member of EAACA, we will gain direct access to the committees, their work, and an opportunity to exchange experiences, gain fresh perspectives or even collaborate with industry peers. We will also join forces with other AAC producers across Europe thus strengthening the association and providing it with more resources to defend the interests of AAC producers against competing materials.

We are happy to support EAACA in their cause and look forward to contributing to their work.

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