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Aircrete Europe announces a new AAC additive: POROMIX


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Aircrete Europe introduces POROMIX, the only AAC additive developed specifically for AAC production optimization. POROMIX is a dedicated admixture used in production of autoclaved aerated concrete (AAC). This new AAC additive mainly reduces the amount of water and raw materials required in the AAC production process.

Admixtures and plasticizers have been used over decades in the concrete industry. They are commonly applied to increase the production efficiency and performance of the concrete. However, the production of AAC is a specific and delicate chemical process. Therefore, admixtures and plasticizers for the traditional concrete industry are not suitable for the production of AAC.

Being a technology partner for a number of plants, including our own JV operations, Aircrete Europe continuously engages in the optimization of the AAC production process. As a result, we have invested in a dedicated R&D program to develop a specialized admixture solution solely for the AAC production industry and named it as POROMIX.

Clients of Aircrete Europe have successfully tested this new AAC additive, POROMIX in their plants around the world. All the tests resulted in lower raw material expenses and improved quality AAC products. Actual savings depend highly on the raw materials and the production process of the plant. However, the average savings figures on test sites are:

  • Up to 10 % reduction in water consumption
  • Up to 10 % reduction in binders consumption (cement and/or lime)
Sample Casting With Poromix Aac Additive
Sample Casting with POROMIX AAC Additive
The Perfect Cake With Aac Additive Poromix
The perfect cake with AAC Additive POROMIX

Benefits of POROMIX:

With expert understanding of the AAC chemical processes, we are able to adjust the production process at AAC plants to achieve

  • Reduction in rising cracks
  • Increase in cycle times
  • Reduction of autoclaving time
  • Reduction of water-to-solids ratio (W/S)
  • Replacement of other non-AAC dedicated additives or stabilizers

Please click here to learn more on the benefits of dedicated additives for AAC production and fill in the form to test POROMIX at your AAC plant. We are ready to visit your factory for a free on-site trial and education of our AAC additive product POROMIX. We will be happy to demonstrate you the potential AAC production optimization points in your plant.

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