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TBS, The Netherlands – Commissioning of the new concrete plant for special drainage products


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Aircrete and TBS have jointly started the commissioning of a new cutting-edge concrete plant for the production of innovative drainage products for infrastructure projects in the Netherlands. TBS is a leading manufacturer and solution provider of drainage and street gully products for the Dutch infrastructure sector.

The execution phase of the project started July 2011 and has been entirely customized based on versatile and one-of-a-kind” product requirements, where innovative Aircrete technology has been implemented in the process of internal dry cast or self compacting concrete (SCC) products. The system boosts the capacity as well as product quality with highest degree of automation.

Since 2010, Aircrete and TBS have jointly formed a qualified project team which intensively worked on a profound R&D study and prototype testing period which resulted in a solid technical project foundation. The project has been another important milestone for the Aircrete organization, being a technology partner focusing on highly customized and innovative production systems for the concrete and AAC industry.

Street gullies and drainage products of TBS are an important part of the civil works process in infrastructure projects, contributing to an efficient and high quality dewatering and sewerage system. The Netherlands is a leading country with respect to infrastructure development. We are proud that the renewed TBS products, made with Aircrete technology, shall provide an innovative contribution to the sector and will be widely applied in the Dutch market.



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