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New MD Aircrete Europe Ralf Beier


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Aircrete Group announced today that it has appointed Ralf Beier as the Managing Director of Aircrete Europe, the Group’s operational business entity for AAC systems and technology. This appointment is in line with the Group’s commitment to further professionalize and continuously expand the business, maintaining its leading position in the global AAC panel market.

“The addition of such a strong industry heavyweight as Ralf to the Aircrete Board, is a result of our company’s strong growth in the last few years.” said Jop van Boggelen, the CEO of Aircrete Group. “Currently, Aircrete Europe is managing multiple projects at the same time in various continents. We have also grown our own AAC related investments, especially in the Latin America region. This continuous expansion requires us to grow and strengthen our team and attract the right people from the industry, while maintaining our exible structure, family-owned identity and company values. With the addition of an experi- enced professional like Ralf to the Aircrete Board, we will be able to continue our accelerated growth path and maintain our leadership position as the best AAC technology provider in the world.

Jop van Boggelen also added that he remains responsible for the Aircrete Group business, focusing more towards the asset management side of the company and further develop the Group`s functions around investment opportunities in selective regions.

About Ralf Beier

Ralf Beier has a long track record in the industry of AAC and concrete. Prior to joining Aircrete, Ralf held the position of Director of Sales and Marketing at Rekers. Before, his previous role was CEO of HESS Group and TOPWERK Holding, the Germany-based machine manufacturer dedicated to the global concrete industry.

“Aircrete Europe is one of those rare companies that blends technology with true innovations and a unique project proposi- tion in the AAC industry.” Ralf said. “I am very excited to join Aircrete Europe as a partner with skin in the game. I am con dent that Aircrete will keep on being the power house in the industry with continuous and accelerated growth. I am already thrilled about the company’s very motivating corporate culture and hands-on spirit. Now, I look forward to bringing a positive input to the Aircrete team with my knowledge, not only from the industry, but also from the corporate management and operational point of view. Working together we will further establish and grow Aircrete Europe`s presence in other high growth markets like Middle East, Africa and Russia.”

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