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Hebel AAC Plant Upgrade


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In recent months Aircrete Europe has worked on various upgrades of AAC plants with Hebel systems in Eastern Europe and East Asia. As a result, we receive more and more modernization requests for the future. Given this increased demand from our international Hebel/Siporex clients, we would like to further elaborate and inform about such an upgrade opportunity in this article.

Aircrete Europe has over 20 years of experience working with Hebel systems and offers expert services for diverse modernizations – we upgrade Hebel AAC plants to our latest technologies. The prominent upgrade areas in existing Hebel factories that bring the most improvements to the plant performance are: (1) Cutting Line, (2) Packaging Line, (3) Reinforcement Station.

What is Hebel AAC System – Background

Autoclaved Aerated Concrete can be produced with different technologies. One of the most popular AAC technologies of the 1990s was the Hebel system. Hebel plants are still successfully used in many countries around the world in their original design and even though the machines are in operation for many years, they still manufacture good quality blocks.

As importantly, since Hebel is originally a flat-cake technology, like Aircrete, these plants are perfectly suited to be upgradable to our Aircrete Super Smooth system, extending the production to reinforced elements (i.e. panels, lintels and specials). An upgrade as such results in minimal impact on further plant logistics, keeping internal operations of moulds and curing frames simple. With the advantages of Super Smooth panel-based AAC construction, new possibilities for these older plants arise.



There are multiple Autoclaved Aerated Concrete Hebel plants currently operating worldwide in Argentina, Australia, Belarus, China, Europe, Germany, Hungary, Indonesia, Japan, Kuwait, Malaysia, Mexico, Poland, Russia, South Korea, Thailand, Turkey.

Benefits of a Hebel AAC Plant Upgrade

Thanks to an Aircrete upgrade existing AAC plants could increase their:

  1. Product quality
  2. Product portfolio
  3. Plant productivity
  4. Overall plant performance

Examples of developments in the technology

  • High-Speed Cutting Frame with two oscillating vertical wires (Super Smooth product surface)
  • Pneumatic wire tensioning (better geometry of products)
  • Oscillating cross-cut shafts (smoother surfaces)
  • Inclined cross-cut (no waste shooting in the air)
  • Improved capacity and noise reduction of the vacuum hood
  • Improved grabbing crane (less product breakage)
  • Innovative tilting table (without foundation, tilting 2 cakes at a time)
  • Automated pallet feeding system (higher productivity, reduced workforce)

Complete scope of a Hebel AAC Plant Upgrade

Thanks to our customized analysis of the local plant, we can successfully apply the most innovative technology in existing Hebel system AAC plants. Aircrete Europe’s “AAC Plant Upgrade Package” consists of engineering, manufacturing, installation, supervision and maintenance of the upgraded solutions. Besides Hebel upgrades, we also have profound experience in upgrading AAC factories from older technologies such as Siporex plant, Ytong plant, Durox Plant, Stema Plant, tilt-cake etc.

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