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Aircrete Europe awarded for global success with WTC Export Award 2018


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Aircrete Europe is happy to announce that it has won the prestigious World Trade Center Twente Export Award, a yearly award that is given to the company or organization that has demonstrated to have the most successful international strategy with demonstrated global success.

An independent expert jury, consisting of members of amongst others blue chip multinationals, assesses the nominees on export strategy, innovation, entrepreneurship, ambition, vision and results. Bringing all these initiatives successfully together, Aircrete Europe awarded for global success with WTC Export Award 2018.

Aircrete Europe managed to impress the jury by explaining its business model and elaborated on its unique international strategy: By offering a total building solution that is customized to meet local challenges and addresses global housing shortages. Hereby, Aircrete Europe exceeds the role of being a sole machine supplier, but instead has positioned itself as a true technology partner and the global leader in AAC panel technology today.

Ralf Beier, Managing Director and Partner of Aircrete Europe received the prize from the well-known Dutch politician Eddy van Hijum at the award ceremony that took place at WTC Twente, Hengelo on 14 June 2018. During the ceremony, Geert Braaksma, chairman of the TwenteBoard organization and part of the jury this year, commented on the jury’s decision:

“Aircrete Europe stands out through excellent understanding of its customer’s needs, to then translate these into customized engineered solutions. Through its extremely international team, Aircrete is literally able to speak the language of her customer and together make its customers successful.”

Please click here to watch the video from the award ceremony night.

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