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Aircrete Europe and CRH successfully reopens Tarmac’s facility at Linford


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Aircrete Europe and CRH successfully reopens Tarmac’s second facility at Linford. Aircrete Europe would like to congratulate CRH’s leading UK construction solutions and building materials business, Tarmac, with the reopening the second of two existing factories at Linford, Essex.

The project existed of the upgrade of the Autoclaved Aerated Concrete (AAC) production facility based on a flat-cake cutting technology and was initiated by CRH to capture the great potential of AAC opportunities in the UK housing market.

Aircrete Europe is the global leader in the field of flat-cake cutting technology. The facility at Linford has been equipped with the latest available AAC manufacturing technology. Based on AAC technology expertise and AAC process know-how Aircrete Europe was best positioned to support CRH with this important project.

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