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AAC Conference – China 2015


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Aircrete Europe has opened and attended the largest building materials conference in Luoyang City, China organized by a local partner organization Zonye Heavy Machinery Co., Ltd.

As a special guest, Aircrete team gave a series of presentations on new building methods and transformation of the Chinese building materials market and role of AAC.





Green future for China


World trends of more energy efficient building are gaining more attention within China’s construction industry, meaning usage of “green” AAC material needs to be broadened and building methods with AAC improved. Looking towards its European peers, Zonye AAC conference has gathered main industry and government players to discuss new production technologies and innovative ways of AAC application.


At the conference, Aircrete has led the way and gave numerous presentations in Chinese on improved AAC production processes, Aircrete cutting-edge production technology, energy efficient building and latest developments in energy efficient building.



New Opportunities for Chinese construction sector


Growing demand for greener and faster building in China results in booming demand for AAC panel market. Aircrete technologies introduce a greater variety of products to the Chinese market (wall panels, floor panels, lintels, SUPER SMOOTH partition panels, façade/cladding panels) at an attractive price, compared to existing concrete alternatives.


See full AAC product portfolio of Aircrete factories here.


Next to specializing in supplying turn-key AAC factories, Aircrete has developed its own Building System, based on standardized AAC panels. Construction with AAC panels is 3-5 times faster than building with AAC blocks which has become a commodity at Chinese market.


See real life application of panels in our Galleries.


Aircrete sees an amazing opportunity in improving the China’s overall building material market and looks forward to complement fast growing building industry in China by introducing high-quality prefab AAC panels. To read more about the conference, please visit the organizer’s website here.



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