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6th International Conference on AAC confirms industry movement towards AAC panels


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Aircrete Europe is proud to announce its successful participation to the AAC industry`s biggest event, the 6th International Conference on Autoclaved Aerated Concrete (6ICAAC) in Potsdam, Berlin, between September 4-6, 2018.

“As the leading AAC panel technology player in the world we attended the 6th AAC Conference as a Gold Sponsor, showing our commitment and dedication to this industry.” said Ralf Beier, Managing Director & Partner of Aircrete Europe. “During the 3-day conference, we had the opportunity to meet many industry players and had very insightful discussions about the direction of where the AAC industry is heading. As we already see from the significant growth in our own business, 6ICAAC confirmed that with our flat-cake cutting line technology, we are optimally positioned to address the global growth in AAC panels that result from a worldwide trend towards prefab and efficient construction.”

The conference brought together international AAC experts and relevant industry players to discuss issues, share ideas and gain insights into the trends and innovations challenges of Autoclaved Aerated Concrete. Featuring high-quality keynote speeches, exciting lectures and paper presentations; the conference hosted around 350 trade professionals and members of the scientific, economic, and political sectors.

Papers & Presentations on AAC Panels

During the conference, Aircrete Europe presented two papers with the titles “High automated versatile volume production of AAC panels” and “Sustainable building solutions with new generation AAC panel applications”. Additionally, PMX Labs, a member of the Aircrete Group N.V. participated in the conference with a paper and presentation on Poromix, with the title “Poromix AAC Additive – A New Front in AAC Development”.

Daan Van Boggeken At 6Icaac

“High automated versatile volume production of autoclaved aerated concrete (AAC) panels” presentation by Daan van Boggelen

Willem Van Boggelen On 6Icaac

“Sustainable building solutions with new generation AAC panel applications” presentation by Willem van Boggelen

Wojtek Horala On 6Icaac

“Poromix AAC Additive – A New Front in AAC Development” presentation by Wojtek Horala, PMX Labs

We would like to thank all organizers and participants for making 6ICAAC a great event and would like to remind you to sign up here for the Aircrete Challenge with the unique code you received at the conference.

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