AAC Plant supplier, manufacturer: Upgrade in East Asia



After a 10 months production period, the Aircrete Europe project team has finalized the production, in-house testing and shipping of a brand new SUPER SMOOTH cutting system for a full AAC plant upgrade in East Asia. The customer is a leading AAC producer for the high-end product market. The equipment has been shipped and installation has been scheduled in the coming months. Successful customized engineering was accomplished by an experienced project team from Aircrete and our local customer.

To ensure on-time installation and to minimize down-time of the plant during the upgrade, all components were assembled and tested under the strict supervision of Aircrete experts before shipping to Asia.

Case Study 03 Before

The cutting line was not suitable for products with 5 mm incremental thicknesses and super smooth surfaces


Upgrading to a SUPER SMOOTH cutting line will extend the product portfolio of a regular AAC plant. Besides SUPER SMOOTH surface of all new products, the upgraded plant will be able to produce AAC partition panels, AAC lintels, AAC load-bearing reinforced elements (floor, roof, wall) and even AAC façade panels as thin as 3,5 cm. An additional added value for our customers is achieving higher product accuracies and lower waste levels.

Case Study 03 After

The new cutting line was successfully integrated with the plant’s existing infrastructure


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