Aicrete Europe

An Aircrete Innovation: Fully Automatic Adjustable Mould Doors

October, 2019

As the global leader in AAC panel technology, Aircrete Europe continuously brings new innovations to the market to optimizing AAC panel production process and product quality. One of the recent innovations brought to the market is the fully automatic adjustable mould doors, designed to ensure the most efficient production process with zero waste. The solution allows to automatically adjust the mould length by automatically moving the back wall in line with the plant control system configuration, using an automated door manipulator. The system avoids the casting of by-products when the focus is on panel production, enabling just-in-time, diverse panels` production even under high volume production pressure.

How it works


After the pre-curing stage, the mould door manipulator will place the mould door back into its original position in the door carrier just before the mould opens. As the mould opens, it is ready to be cleaned and oiled by the standard Aircrete mould brushing and oiling system.


The exact placement of the movable back is done precisely with the automated door manipulator 

For the full article including a comparison with conventional ways of panel production please refer to the article published in AAC Worldwide, Vol. 4, 2019 “Adjustable moulds for flexible and efficient panel production with zero waste”.